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Hi Everyone i´m JL 7Sins

Actualizado: 22 de oct de 2019

My english is a little bit rusty i hope you can understand. Let´s get to the point of this, i started to sell animation not long ago and that´s because i don´t earn enought on my job and i really need upgrade or buy a new pc (Less possible).

This PC is a little bit old, and start to do so much noise, is a very noise pc. the cause maybe is the graphics but i don´t know, but when i start to export animation is very slow i tried buying an ssd and that help but still noise.

And here is the graphic card..... live in mexico we do some mexicanadas, is just a worst thing to do but at least that becomes functional. The graphics works but man, is very noise.

That is my motivation, I don´t want charity so I do animations is a kind of work. Or at least that's what I think.

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