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I buyed some Moho archives but....

I recently bought some MOHO anime studio animation files of course, to redo those animations in a style that I like the most but ... I really couldn't understand how this person did to make his animations, I don't understand his organization and he is being a waste of time that caused me a delay to make the himawari animation.

I am thinking about whether to put these files for free, after all I already paid for them and I think that those files are now my problem and I can dispose of them as I want.

I'm also approaching some artists offering deals for animations, I hope and respond soon.

I will soon put an animation that I could do using one of those MOHO files, it was really a headache to understand how this person made his animation and I think they would like it, this animation will be free but if someone wants to support donating something, help is welcome : )

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